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Top Reasons to be Single on Valentine’s Day February 14, 2013

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Let’s face it. It’s Valentine’s Day, which means there are two views. Viewpoint A: those who are in a happy relationship and Viewpoint B: those who are single, like myself. Even when I was in a relationship, I thought Valentine’s Day was a stupid, made up holiday invented by Hallmark. Now that I’m single, I view it in the same way. Why is there one day out of the year, couples shower each other with love? Shouldn’t that be everyday?

Personally, I think you need to be happy with yourself before you can be happy in a relationship with someone else. This is why I find Single’s Awareness Day to be so much fun. Here are my reasons why it’s okay to be single this Valentine’s Day.


No Stress

Being single means you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect gift for your significant other and whether or not they will like it. You also don’t have to spend money on flowers, jewelry, dinner, or whatever else your mate wants. Being single allows you to save that money and use it towards a day of pampering yourself. Why not round up all your single ladies and do a spa day?

No Worries

Being single means you don’t have to worry about breaking plans with your better half to do a girls night out. You have the freedom to do what you want when you want. On the other hand, you don’t get stuck doing what your man wants. I mean what girl really wants to spend an afternoon with her boyfriend and his friends playing video games?! Not this chick anyway.


Like I mentioned above, you don’t have to ask permission to go on a weekend girl’s getaway. However, the freedom I’m talking about here is the freedom to do what you want. This is the time to try new things, experiment with your looks, etc. Who knows, maybe in the midst of the experiment, you will meet the guy of your dreams.