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Operation Wedding Season 2015 January 22, 2014

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While I wish I could say “operation: wedding season 2015” is for myself, I’m glad to say it is not. In the last few months of 2013, three of my closest friends became engaged. All are now planning 2015 weddings. I am lucky enough two of them asked me to be in their weddings. I’m going to use this time to capture all the stress they go through and the planning process so if/when the time comes for me to ever get married, I’ll already have a heads up of what I’ll be going through.

After going to one show (and the second of many this upcoming weekend), all I can say is weddings are expensive. Starting with the 32 person mac truck party bus. And photo booths are amazing.

I’m excited to help/watch my friends start the next chapter of their lives. To all the brides and brides to be, what advice can you give to those just engaged?