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Family Traditions: Christmas March 9, 2013

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Everyone has traditions they follow. For me, my favorite tradition was Christmas. However, ever since my grandfather passed away, my family hasn’t followed tradition. Doesn’t matter for this post because even if my family doesn’t follow this tradition any more, I’ll revive it once I have my own family.

Every Christmas Eve I would go to church with my dad. We would then pick up my mom and head over to my grandparent’s house wherever rest of my family was waiting. We would then cook shrimp, clams and spaghetti, and my personal favorite, shells and cottage cheese made by my grandpop. After that we would come home and put cookies and milk out for Santa.

Christmas morning I would wake up early and wake my mom up (my dad would already be up) so I could open presents. Once presents were opened, I would watch the Disney Christmas parade before getting ready for dinner number one.

Dinner number one would find us back at my grandparents for ham and homemade lasagna. After dessert, my parents and I would go to my other grandparents house for dinner number two. Once dinner was over, I would pass out the gifts to family and we would open gifts. After a long (and filling) day we would head back home where I would go through my gifts ready to break open my newest toy before going to bed.

As I mentioned before, this tradition no longer happens, so I guess it’s not really a tradition anymore. That’s okay though, because this is my favorite tradition and we are slowly starting to get back to it. What about you? Now it’s your turn to share your favorite family vacation.


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