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A Day in the Life of….A Sport Management Student February 23, 2013

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For anyone who is/was a Sport Management major at YCP, you know a “typical” day is anything but typical. I could sit here and write about any day in the four years I was in this program, from practicum to the number of “on that” that I counted. But I’m not. I’m going to write about what a typical day is like for a Junior Sport Management Major, mainly because this is the year everyone dreads.

Fall Semester

More than likely, your Fall semester of junior year, you will be taking Sport Marketing. From the beginning of the semester where you spend one entire class talking about the difference between casual, business casual, and formal business dress (which you will consequently ask what the dress code is for presentations in every other class you take), to planning on how to increase attendance at sporting events and planning a Golf Tournament, Fall semester won’t be a piece of cake.

Spring Semester

What day I really want to describe is the day when your favorite professor decides to text you at 5 in the morning with your crisis situation. Yes, this is the day you have been hearing about since Freshman year, the day you will dread. No matter how much you hate it, this will prepare you for the real world, only in the real world you don’t have a professor who tells you crisis situations will happen over a specific two week time frame.

You get the text saying check your email. You now only have one hour to get a hold of your group mates, come up with a solution on how you will handle said situation crisis, and email your professor back with the recommendations. You then have until your class period to come up with a presentation to give to the class on what happened and how you handled it. No matter what, you will be running on adrenaline the rest of the day.

Oh, and did I mention that this is part of a semester long project, which culminates in a formal press conference at the end of the semester?! Yep that’s right. While dealing with the crisis situation, you are  writing press releases, media pitches, and everything else that comes along with Public Relations.

I don’t know in what other class or major you get this much real world experience in the classroom. While this is definitely one of the worst days to be a Sport Management major, it makes you realize what other professionals deal with on an everyday basis, especially now with the Lance Armstrong confession, Manti Te’o fake girlfriend hoax, and the Oscar Pistorius case going on.

How about you? What is a day in the life of you like?


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