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Dear Nemo, Sandy & Irene: You Can’t Ruin My Day! February 9, 2013

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Three storms, three travel plans ruined. Although the plans Nemo ruined was by choice. But here I am sitting at home thinking, “man, I really should have braved Nemo to go to NYC.”

You may be thinking why I brought Sandy and Irene in to this post as well. Here’s the answer. When Irene hit a few years back, I was supposed to be in Wilmington, NC the day she hit there. This would have been a once in a life time opportunity for me as I was going there to see One Tree Hill film it’s final season. Sure, I can still go visit, but I won’t be able to see the stars, such as Bethany Joy Lenz (Hailey), James Lafferty (Nathan), or Sophia Bush (Brooke).

Then this past October, I was supposed to be in Atlantic City a few days after Sandy hit for the Gary Allan concert.  Sad to say, due to Sandy and the casinos being closed, I wasn’t able to go. On the bright side, Mr. Allan was kind enough to reschedule for March. At least I will be able to see him then.

Now, why this post of woe is me? I just needed to vent. But there is another purpose.  After not being able to do anything, and getting a hint of cabin fever, here are some ideas on what to do when the weather forces you to change plans and you can’t go outside.

1. Organize

Now may be the perfect time to tackle that cleaning project you’ve been putting off. If you are cleaning your room, make three piles. A keep pile, a donate pile, and a trash pile. Look at every item in the room and put it in one of the three piles. If you haven’t worn something in over six months, I would suggest not putting it in the keep pile. Once you see what you have, you can start planning your next shopping spree to purchase new items. Who knows, you may even be able to find some money throughout the room you can put towards new purchases.

If you are cleaning out another room in the house, file away papers that you need, swap out pictures for a new look in the room, or even rearrange furniture. Who knows what type of layout you will be able to come up with.

2. Be a DIY-er

Have you been planning on making something? Why not do it now? If you have the supplies, set aside the afternoon (or even a few hours) and see what you can accomplish? Since it’s February, this is the perfect time to start planning out birthday and Christmas gifts for the year. Instead of spending the money on purchasing something, make them a nice homemade gift.

I personally enjoy scrapbooking, so I use this time to do that. I can’t wait to see how the next one will turn out. I’ll have to upload photos in a future post of how it turned out.

3. Relax!

You work hard everyday at your job. If you are stuck in doors, enjoy it! Turn off the electronics and pick up a classic to read.  Not into reading? Catch up on the tv shows you have on your DVR and pop in a Blu-ray.

Although this may not be relaxing, it can be fun. Have a family day. Play board games, watch old home movies or look at old photos. Or why not have story time, where one person starts telling a story and then passes along to the next family member to continue. Who knows, you may just end up with a Princess riding through space looking for Mickey Mouse on a roller coaster. Let the imaginations run wild with this.


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