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What is wrong with this world? October 24, 2012

Filed under: General — jolchowy25 @ 1:19 am

This is going to be a rant but it brings up good points. What in the world are people thinking?!

Three months ago someone walked into The Dark Knight Rises and injured 58 people while killing 12.

Over the weekend a 12 year old girl from a few towns over went missing. Two teen boys lured her and killed her so they could get parts from the bike she was riding. Her body was found yesterday in a trash container.

Tonight someone tried (okay they pretty much succeed) in breaking into my shed. This is the fourth time in less than two years. Really people? We have nothing good. Stop breaking in.

People wonder why I don’t wants kids. I say I don’t like them, they’re not for me, etc etc. But really…who would want to bring a child into this type of world? There’s too much violence and hate for children.


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